On-Demand Webinar: Delivering an exceptional experience for your end users requires a strong hosting foundation.

Customer engagement in 2013 is all about their online experience with your brand. Decisions to engage are made in the blink of an eye, and your ability to deliver an exceptional end user experience will heavily influence their choice to purchase from you.

Hear Stuart Mills, Head of Hosting, Macquarie Hosting and Volker Rath, Hosting Consultant, Macquarie Hosting explain:

    • Types of questions that should be asked when selecting a mission critical hosting provider
    • Site performance and key business metrics
    • Latest technologies that can be employed to maximise your online performance
    • Behavioral changes in the end user
    • What should you expect from your hosting provider
    • How to measure website performance

      Access the Webinar

      Whether your brand is critical, you make money online, or have to comply with PCI standards, the success of your business depends heavily on choosing the right hosting provider, as a solid foundation for your online business.  Watch the 20 minute webinar today.

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