Macquarie Telecom - The Cloud Computing Readiness Checklist


Moving business operations to the cloud holds a number of significant benefits for businesses, but also contains many risks if they move without being fully prepared.

As such, making the decision to move to the cloud isn't something that should be undertaken lightly. Before making the decision, organisations should work out what kind of benefits they can expect to achieve by doing and determine what else needs to be done in order to prepare themselves for the move.

Cloud Computing Readiness Checklist

This comprehensive checklist will help ensure that all points are considered when going through the cloud computing decision-making process, in order to determine whether your organisation is ready to make the move.

Included in this checklist are:

  • Will your company benefit from the cloud?
  • Cloud readiness overview
  • Personnel, legal and security issues
  • Impact analysis worksheet

Download "The Cloud Computing Readiness Checklist" now: