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The best way that you can increase conversions and provide a better user experience for your shoppers is by speeding up your website.

A recent Akami study shows that a 1 second delay in page load time can mean a 7% loss in conversions on ecommerce sites.* For a site turning over $10,000 per day that's a loss of $250,000 per year!

So how fast is your Magento website?

We can run a free, quick test against your website with a group of simulated users and provide you with a report of how your site performs - just fill in the form and one of our Magento technical consultants will be in touch to organise your test.

*Click Here to view the study undertaken by Akamai.

What can Macquarie Telecom Do To Help Speed Up Your Magento Store?

High-Performance Hosting

Macquarie Telecom's LAUNCH virtual data centre hosting suite runs on high-performance network, computer and storage infrastructure, which means better performance for your Magento website. With nearly unlimited configuration options available to ensure that your Magento server environment is set up specifically for your store, computer resources are allocated to the specific tasks that your environment requires.

Magento Optimisation

Our in-house Magento optimisation expertise is offered to our customers and provides assistance and consultation to get your Magento website infrastructure designed, configured and optimised so your store runs faster, uses less server resources and converts more customers with the best possible ROI for your budget.

Contact us for a free consultation and a quick website benchmark test using the form to the right and we'll help you achieve premium Magento performance today.


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