How SaaS is overwhelming the traditional WAN

...and what you can do about it

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By 2017, 75% of traffic on your network with be SaaS applications

What that really means is that 75% of applications will reside in a data centre remote to the traditional corporate network.

As mid-sized businesses in Australia continue to embrace SaaS as a means of deploying business applications faster and more efficiently to stakeholders, your traditional large, expensive IP VPN network becomes redundant.

Luckily at Macquarie Telecom, we have developed an exciting new network model to help tackle this challenge called the SaaS Enabled WAN. Download the ebook now to learn how you can prepare your network for the change coming. 

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • Why mid-sized businesses are deploying SaaS
  • How evolving broadband and network technology has enabled SaaS
  • What this means for traditional data network models
  • Overview of the SaaS Enabled WAN and where to get started in your company
The rapid growth of mobile devices continues to redefine communication and
productivity in the workplace.